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The Crossover league – ART vs RWB vs TCSR vs SRO

The Crossover:

After alot of discussions behind the scene's we have managed to agree a full crossover league with RWB (Which apparently means Red White Blue and not Really Weird Bastards after all), TCSR (Total Control Sim Racing) & SRO (Sim Racers Online) to join together on Friday nights and battle it out in the fun little Ginetta GT5.

There is a caveat though with the limitation of only 32 grid slots for races we have had to limit sign ups to only 8 per team, which in the Summer months isn't as much an issue as it would be in the colder months.

With that said by all accounts alot of fun was had in the first race on Friday 6th July. The first race cemented an already good relationship across the  clubs with clean respectful racing and not one single incident reported, however due to a date mix up TCSR missed the first race.

The Ginetta GT5 being a car with finite tuning options really lends it self to close knit racing - perfect for a fun crossover event.

When and Where:

All races will be held on Friday night's with the host for the night being the clubs picked track and laps are set to the equivalent of a 1 hour race.

DateTrackLapsIn game Date & TimeWeatherHost
6th JulySonoma3516/7/16 12:00ClearART Sim Racing
13th JulyLong Beach4127/4/18 12:00Light cloud turning to ClearSim Racers Online
20th JulySpa2220/7/18 01:00 (Night)Thunder StormTotal Control Sim Racing
27th JulyBugatti331/6/18 18:00ClearRed White Blue
3rd AugustRoad America2416/7/16 12:00Wet turning DryART Sim Racing
10th AugustWatkins Glen (Short)4620/4/18 19:30ClearSim Racers Online
17th AugustImola2917/8/19 09:00Fog turning to clearTotal Control Sim Racing
24th AugustZolder341/6/18 00:00Clear (Night Race)Red White Blue

Details: Points, reporting etc

Points (In order from 1st to 32nd):

45, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

You will be awarded points for a non-finish as long as you have completed 75% of the race (Unless your game crashes or you are disconnected, in which case, you must make it known that this was the case to a senior member or race organiser)

Incidents must be reported to admin within 24 hours, you will have longer to supply video evidence of which should include multiple angles, it is the reporting persons job to record their own video evidence, reports will be looked at by 1 admin from each club giving 4 decisions, majority decision stand, in the event of a hung decision it will be passed to 4 different admins to decide on.

It would be helpful if the drivers involved in the incidents reported each had their own evidence as we have found that 2 different perspectives can show if there has been a lag incident.

Points will be awarded for individuals but this is more about club points, each week the number of attendees per club and their points will be added up and divided by the number of racers to give a point average per club.

Server settings:

Allow Auto Start EngineYes
Force Interior ViewNo
Force Driving Line offNo
Force DefaultNo
Force Manual GearsNo
Force Realistic AidsYes
Allow ABSReal
Allow SCReal
Allow TCReal
Damage TypeFull
Mechanical FailuresYes
Allow GhostedNo
Force Manual PitstopsYes
Pit Stop ErrorsNo
Tyre WearAuthentic
Fuel DepletionYes
Force Cooldaown LapYes
Rules & PenaltiesOn
Track Limit PenaltiesOn
Allowable Time Penalty30
Pit Exit PenaltyYes
Racing LicenseOff

The Standings:



Link for full table here

Scores courtesy of RWB Speeddmon

Post Race Data:

Race Number 1: Sonoma

Race Number 2: Long Beach

 Link to table here

The videos:

Race #1: Sonoma

ART Hamdridge POV


Race #2 Long Beach

RWB Charger POV


Please link ART Nige to any other YouTube Video's you might have you would like posted here, also any Twitch links for the live race stream.

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