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SEASON 3: Vintage Touring Car

Season 3 is here (Starts 13th June) and we have the fabulous Vintage Touring Car that won the vote among our members for the Alternative league

This league went up to the vote with Caterhams and Formula C and won the vote with a strong lead.

We are using the in game championship system this time round which could potentially bring some issue's to light, we have done some testing and it appears to work well, but as anything SMS time will tell as to how well this system will stand up to the test of time (We reverted back to the tradition system as in game champ system isn't quite there yet). But this does mean once you select a car you cannot change it during the league. So pick well and learn to drive your choice and ultimately tune it!


As always Crew Chief is a must have and we also highly recommend enabling the in-game proximity markers (even if you use VR) to keep racing clean and ultimately allow safe close racing!

The league main league as usual is the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month and plays out as thus:

  • All races take place in game date 1st July 12:00
  • 13th June - Vintage Spa
  • 27th June - Vintage Silverstone
  • 11th July - Rouen le Essarts
  • 25th July - Donnington GP
  • 8th August - Bannochbrae
  • 22nd August - Sugo

The tables for the league score will be updated after each race:

VTC standings



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