Art Sim Racing

Discord Rules



Number 1 is you need to be 18 years old or older to be a member. If you are not 18 you may part the server now by typing //not18 in #get-started. Please feel free to come back and show us what you can do when you turn 18.

Text ChatAssetto Corsa Mods

Keep it clean, no racism, homophobia etc. We have a seperate NSFW channel, should you need to use it.
Please keep it on topic in each tab, we have a large amounts of seperate tabs for a variety of subjects.

Voice Chat

Minimum on topic chat during league and endurance racing. If teams want to have their own chat for the race, a voice room can be made for them. Outside of race evenings, more often than not some of us are in chat playing some games, as well as listening to music.


ART2D2 - Main ART Bot

  • !league - Info on both leagues that are running.
  • !GT - Info on the main league (currently GTE).
  • !ALT - Info on the alternate league (currently Vintage Touring Car).


ART Calendar - Stores and lists planned events


  • !time - will show the timezone the races are in.
  • !events 5 - will show the upcoming 5 events.
  • !linkcal - shows the calendar.


ART DJ - Our Music Bot. Plays music in the voice channel you are in.

  • !play - To play the music linked in the video
    Alternatively, type the artist and track in (!play RHCP Dani California).
  • !skip - votes to skip the song.
  • Note you will need to be in a voice channel, and have the DJ role (just ask)


Time Trial - Time Trial Bot
Lovingly provided to us by our friends over at SRO, this bot tracks the ongoing time trial battle between


  • Monday: 1 Hour Endurance, The Car and Track will be announced each Friday night. Forced PTT
    This will be started at 19.30 GMT (Over the summer months it is BST, GMT+1)
  • Tuesday: Fun Nights, a mixture of short, 3 to 5 lap races on the public server, with 10 minutes qualifying.
    Open Mic
  • Wednesday: League Night. 30 Minute Practice, 20 Qualifying, 45 Minute race.
    Forced PTT

Use !league for info on both leagues.


What Now

If you agree with the above, and you are atleast 18 years old then you now have two options available.

  • If you are here to race, in #get-started type //racer
  • If you are here ato play non racing games, type in #get-started //nonracer

Next, read the Track Rules for racers before joining any race in the #track-rules

By typing //racer or //nonracer you confirm that you are atleast 18 years old and that you agree to seeing and hearing potentially mature content. 


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