Art Sim Racing

Discord Rules



Number 1 is you need to be 18 years old or older to be a member. If you are not 18 you may part the server now by typing //not18 in #get-started. Please feel free to come back and show us what you can do when you turn 18.

Text ChatAssetto Corsa Mods

Keep it clean, no racism, homophobia etc. We have a seperate NSFW channel, should you need to use it.
Please keep it on topic in each tab, we have a large amounts of seperate tabs for a variety of subjects.

Voice Chat

Minimum on topic chat during league and endurance racing. If teams want to have their own chat for the race, a voice room can be made for them. Outside of race evenings, more often than not some of us are in chat playing some games, as well as listening to music.


ART2D2 - Main ART Bot

  • !league - Info on both leagues that are running.
  • !GT - Info on the main league (currently GTE).
  • !ALT - Info on the alternate league (currently Vintage Touring Car).


ART Calendar - Stores and lists planned events


  • !time - will show the timezone the races are in.
  • !events 5 - will show the upcoming 5 events.
  • !linkcal - shows the calendar.


ART DJ - Our Music Bot. Plays music in the voice channel you are in.

  • !play - To play the music linked in the video
    Alternatively, type the artist and track in (!play RHCP Dani California).
  • !skip - votes to skip the song.
  • Note you will need to be in a voice channel, and have the DJ role (just ask)


Time Trial - Time Trial Bot
Lovingly provided to us by our friends over at SRO, this bot tracks the ongoing time trial battle between


  • Monday: 1 Hour Endurance, The Car and Track will be announced each Friday night. Forced PTT
    This will be started at 19.30 GMT (Over the summer months it is BST, GMT+1)
  • Tuesday: Fun Nights, a mixture of short, 3 to 5 lap races on the public server, with 10 minutes qualifying.
    Open Mic
  • Wednesday: League Night. 30 Minute Practice, 20 Qualifying, 45 Minute race.
    Forced PTT

Use !league for info on both leagues.


What Now

If you agree with the above, and you are atleast 18 years old then you now have two options available.

  • If you are here to race, in #get-started type //racer
  • If you are here ato play non racing games, type in #get-started //nonracer

Next, read the Track Rules for racers before joining any race in the #track-rules

By typing //racer or //nonracer you confirm that you are atleast 18 years old and that you agree to seeing and hearing potentially mature content. 


Endurance Monday – Your way!

Voting for Monday: 2nd April 2018

Votes off for this week, will be Clio's @ Cadwell due to an issue with last weeks votes


Mondays Endurance is a staple part of ART Sim Racing, they go together like rubber on tarmac.

Well we thought it was time to use our fancy new site and the polls to let you, the members of ART, choose some combos. 


On the right you will have noticed two polls, one for tracks, one for cars. Pick a car in one poll and a track on the other. The one with the most votes gets the pick.


If you would like to make a suggestion on tracks for upcoming events drop a comment below or make a post on Discord.


[yop_poll id="3"]

AC Mods Download

AC Mod Download

A folder of all of the mods we will be using in AC at this current time.
If you have any suggestions for more mods, please comment them below.

In this Pack: 49 Cars, 6 Tracks



  • Chaparral 2E
  • Ferrari 312PB
  • Ferrari 330 P4
  • Ford GT40 Mrk 4
  • Lola T70 Mrk 3
  • Lola T290
  • Mclaren M1B
  • Mclaren M8C
  • Porsche 917K


ACFL 2015 Formula One

  • Ferrari
  • Force India
  • Lotus
  • Manor
  • Mclaren
  • Mercedes
  • Redbull
  • Sauber
  • Toro Rosso
  • Williams


Misc Cars

  • Orion Bus & Drift Variant
  • Honda Racing Lawnmower
  • Koenigsegg One:1 (4 Variants)
  • Reliant Robin 3 Wheeler
  • Rover Mini Cooper 1.3
  • Redbull X2010 (2 Variants)
  • Honda S800 RSC


LMP2/Daytona Prototypes

  • Corvette Daytona Prototype (Dallara & Coyote)

Drift Pack

  • Nissan Skyline R32 (3 Variants)
  • Nissan Silvia S15 (3 Variants)
  • Nissan Skyline C10
  • BMW E36 Drift
  • Nissan 180SX Drift (2 Variants)
  • Nissan Silvia S14 Drift
  • Nissan Silvia S13 Drift (2 Variants)
  • Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki Drift (2 Variants)
  • Toyota Altezza Drift



  • Glencoe
  • Lake Louise
  • Project Touge
  • Tajo
  • Targa Florio
  • Tsukuba Circuit



Tutorial on how to install them can be found here:

Assetto Corsa mods in use

Mods, mods and more mods!

Assetto Corsa Mods

The guide

If you dont need the guide scroll to the bottom for links to the mods

Assetto Corsa is a fine racing sim, and arguably its best feature is the ability to run mods.

On our AC server we are currently running a few mods and some members have had difficulty getting on due to this, so without further ado I give you the mods, and how to install them. But bare in mind we are always tinkering with new mods and Im a lazy swine so this guide might not always reflect our servers content.


Before you go feverishly grabbing the Ride on Lawn Mower mod you are first going to need a tool to extract the mods that come in .zip format and then you need to familiarise yourself with the games file structure.

Video tutorial for the YT generation

All the mods and links in the video can be found below


Software to extract the mods

The simplest tool to use for extracting the files to the correct folder is a program called 7zip, and better still its free!

Head on over to the 7zip download page here and download the either the 32bit or 64bit, if you arent sure which to grab if you are on windows 10 you will likely be on 64bit, but if all else fails grab the 32bit program and get it installed.


steam folderThe filestructure and where to place mods

The easiest way to get to your Assetto Corsa folder is through the Steam app itself. Start by going to your Steam library and right clicking Assetto Corsa and selecting Properties:













In the resulting window click on the LOCAL FILES tab and click BROWSE LOCAL FILES











This is going to pop us right into the files for Assetto Corsa and we are going to need to navigate to the Folder called Content - This is where we place our mods.

content ac mods







Now pay attention to the folder names in here, as this is where all the good stuff goes. Tracks needs to go into the track folder, cars into cars etc etc. Simple stuff, but important you get it right and respect the file structure.

Installing our first mod

We will go ahead and install my favourite modded track so far, Glencoe. You can grab the mod from RaceDepartment here 

Once you have it downloaded Right click the file and select Open With 7Zip -> Open Archive









This will give us a new window with the Glencoe track in, all we need to do now is back in our Content folder of Assetto Corsa we opened earlier, open the folder named Tracks and drag the folder "Glencoe" from 7Zip into a an empty space in the Tracks folder, if you done it correctly, you will now have a folder named Glencoe in your tracks folder


how to ac mods






And if you open the folder you should see all the contents, if you see another folder call Glencoe you have done it incorrectly. On opening the folder it should resemble this:

ac mods tutorial












If you have done it correctly you now have the wonderful Glencoe to cruise about and explore.


The mods needed for ART Sim Racing Assetto Corsa server







Do you have a killer mod we should try? Drop a comment below with a link to it and we will give it a try.