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Season 3 Starts June 6th 2018 with GTE and Vintage Touring Car

Formula C, Caterhams & VTC

With Season 2 of our Project Cars 2 leagues drawing to close we open up Season 3 with the ever popular GTE class and for the Alternative league we offered you all a vote on Discord for three different and strong classes.

  • Caterhams Cup
  • Formula C
  • Vintage Touring Car.

You all had your say and Vintage Touring Cars takes the spotlight for the Alternative League. These two classes, just like our current league couldn't be any further apart. We have the ultra modern and very fast GTE paired with the old school classics of VTC complete with a classic track selection. Should prove to be exciting racing.


The schedule:

All the races are set in dry conditions this season and we are looking to use the In Game championship system this time round. Contact Hamdridge to be added to the championship if you haven't already.


6th June: Indianapolis Road

20th June: Road America

4th July: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

18th July: Watkins Glen Int. GP

1st August: Le Mans

15th August: Long Beach



13th June: Vintage Spa

27th June: Vintage Silverstone

11th July: Rouen le Essarts

25th July: Donnington GP

8th August: Bannochbrae

22nd August: Sugo


There you have it. Another great league to follow on from the Season 2, I cant wait to get my hands on that Porsche of the VTC class and I think Im going to rock the Ford in the GTE class. Have you made your picks yet? Be sure to get your picks to Hamdridge on Discord ASAP.



Evening all.
We have an option to add a forum section to the website, but its only worth it if people will be posting in it frequently enough.

Some ideas would be game chats, set up help, and race reports from various members.

Please use the poll on the left side of the screen to select your answer.


Leagues back on

Normal service resumes

Good news for ART Sim Racers and Project cars 2 groups everywhere. SMS have patched the high ping issue that plagued Project green lightCars 2 servers since they released the 1.4 patch with a quietly released fix they put out on 21/2/18. Full PCars 2 service resumes at ART from Monday 26/2/18.

ART member and admin, Hophans, immediately spotted an issue with IP Stacking that SMS quickly responded to and were able to replicate. Though the elation that we would be back on track was quickly dashed as the issue got deeper. We discovered a high ping had been introduced on our Linux based servers and we were able to confirm with RWB that are running windows based servers that the problem was also plaguing their servers.

This caused us to cancel our leagues and Mondays endurance event as P2P servers proved to be less than stable.

After a week of banging heads on the PCar's forums SMS Bruno finally responded to the issue on the official SMS Discord on Monday 14th Feb to a huge relief from ART members as this meant the issue was finally accepted and was indeed being worked on.

So there you have it, whilst the mods don't respond on the official PCars forums you can get positive results on the official Discord, and hats off to Bruno for finally putting us at ease.. Frankly it was a stressful week with no replies from SMS, they need to work on balancing expectations with their client base if they want us to stick with them - if anything it's reminded us all how good Assetto Corsa is, and with Kunos' latest announcement that they are working on releasing a GT3 title with Blancpoint (Read more here) that will be based on the Unreal Engine that will "Speed into Steam Early access" (you can add it to your Steam wishlist's here) couldn't have come at a worse time for SMS as all eyes seemed to be focused on AC whilst SMS pulled their finger out of their arse.


Fancy pants new website!!

Smell that?

That new smell? That's our fancy new website. We've built a new site to bring you the latest league news and goings on in the ART Sim Racing World. Here you can find your league standings, any  new leagues, server updates and even a livery showcase for the the guys among us that love making liveries. Bookmark us to keep on top of the ART news! and stay tuned as we slowly lose that new car smell and shape the site up to something we can all call home


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